AI in Talent Acquisition

Easy to find candidates for engagement

Step 1

Get linkedin profiles list

Step 2

Choose your candidate list from linkedin profiles

Step 3

Get contacts chosen candidates

Step 4

Send personalized emails your candidates and get answers from them

Get Candidates

up to 70%

Suitable linkedin profiles 

up to 50%

Engaged candidates

up to 30%

Candidates contacting

Sourcing candidates without efforts

AI tool for Recruiters that make their routines easier.

An AI-powered talent sourcing solution that helps companies find the best talents faster. There are a job/resume parsing tool, using Natural Language Processing, and machine learning to build boolean queries for Google Search.


Extracting keywords

Machine learning algorithm extracts keywords like job title, skills and other important information from job description and resumes to use it in talent sourcing 


Generated boolean queries for Google

Building boolean queries automatically based on keywords from job description and additional resumes for Google Search to find candidates on,,,, and so on.



Parsing Job Description

Job Parser was built to output additional calculated information that can be helpful for building queries, but look incomplete to the human eye.

Parsing Resumes

Resume Parser identifies hundreds of different kinds of information within a resume or CV and clearly tags each data point.

Extracting key information

The parsers automatically detects language and looks for a corresponding skills list in that language

Boolean search query (Google X-Ray)

Generator of boolean queries uses skills set from job description and resumes to create the best queries to search profiles/resumes

Search candidate profiles or resumes

Google custom search engine is used to find profiles/resumes with automated generated boolean queries

Get results in a sheet 

Search results per query are saved into google sheet to send it by email


We have been developing our plans and calculate different variants

Candidate list

– 1 job description
– search linkedin profiles
– candidate skills
– scoring profiles



Talent Sourcing

– 3 job descriptions
– search linkedin profiles
–  candidate skills
– scoring profiles
– 150 email contacts




– 5 job descriptions
– search linkedin profiles
– candidate skills
– scoring profiles
– 250 email contacts
– personalized emails
– 500 emails



Get  results in Google Sheet 

Linkedin Profiles

Profiles with title, link, snippet, skills, score that are saved into Google Sheet to send it as a result by email

Google Sheet
Jupiter Notebook

We have developed our algorithms with python and use Google Sheet to prepare results 

Request Plan

Send a request for sourcing candidates based on a job description and up to 3 ideal resumes